Beekeepers Hold a Mock Bee Funeral in Paris to Get People to Rethink Pesticides


The bees in France, and other regions of the world, are dying. Sadly, it seems that the world is not paying attention. Beekeepers staged a mock funeral in Central Paris this past Thursday to get people's attention and it worked.

The funeral asked the government of France to do something about this urgent matter. Most people know that the death of bees could usher in the death of this world since bees help pollinate.

French beekeepers understand that what France is facing is a real ecological crisis that must be addressed as soon as possible. It seems that around 30 percent of bee colonies died during the cold season. Beekeepers are blaming this disaster on the pesticides that are sprayed on crops and plant life across this great country, not to mention other places of the world.

It is no secret that honey's popularity has skyrocketed. Raw honey has been linked to many health benefits that has attracted many people interested in living a healthy life. Beekeepers are happy to see that people are rekindling their love for raw honey and renouncing artificial sweeteners, but this disaster is putting new pressure on them.

More than 70,000 small beekeepers were ravaged by this crisis, and it has affected the bee harvest this year. This is definitely going to make it harder for them to meet growing demands for honey, not to mention that it also threatens their livelihood. During the mock bee funeral some beekeepers revealed they had to close up shop because the bees didn't produce enough honey.

The courageous bee keepers marched their way towards Elysee Palace, which is where the President lives. The Paris police stopped them before they were able to get to their destination though they still made their voices heard.

Everyone knows why pesticides are used. These chemicals help destroy insects that could harm crops that are being cultivated to feed the world. It maximizes the amount of food that is grown each season, but these chemicals have an effect on other organisms like bees. The beekeepers want people to understand that these chemicals may be helpful but are also harmful.

Another beekeeper pointed out that 80 percent of insects are no longer here and this happened in just 30 years. This has also affected the bird population since 30 percent of them have also gone extinct and this happened in 15 years. The earth's ecosystem is much more delicate than some have assumed, and beekeepers want people to understand that.

Beekeepers know that the ban on neonicotinoids has been upheld by the EU's court but more needs to be done, which is the reason they marched.

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