Prosecutors Say That No evidence of Any Foul Play in Celebrity Chef’s Death

Anthony Bourdain

French prosecutors have reported that they had not found any form of evidence of any foul play or any event of violence in the demise of the celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain. The prolific cook, host, and writer of the CNN are thought to have committed suicide in a hotel room in the French village known as Kaysersberg. The village is estimated to be around 45 miles South of Strasbourg. The prosecutor of Colmar in France, Christian De Rocquigny, who operates in the Eastern Alsace region, reported that there were no evident signs of the planning and execution of the television’s icon’s demise. He continued to say that no element could make the prosecutors suspect that a person came into the room of the icon at any moment before he died. According to a medical expert, there was no evidence of any form of violence in the room and even on Bourdain’s body.

The prosecutor said that a postmortem and toxicology tests were being conducted on the dead celebrity’s body. The TV icon died at the age of 61 years. Tests were being performed on his urine to ascertain whether he had consumed any harmful medication or drugs. The chef and owner of Le Chambard, a luxury hotel in Kaysersberg, paid tribute to his colleague and friend Bourdain. Chambard eulogized the author, leader and TV entertainer as a French icon who will be remembered for his services to the community. He extended his condolences to the family of Bourdain and all the anonymous fans around the world that he inspired and entertained.

Different celebrities around the world have paid tributes to the departed TV presenter. Bourdain’s profile started to build from the year 1999 when the New Yorker published his article entitled ‘Don’t Eat before Reading this’ that he wrote in the 2000 book known as ‘Kitchen Confidential.’ Afterward, he went on to be a host for a couple of television shows. He presented the Travel Channel and the Food Network before he joined CNN in the year 2012. Bourdain dated Italian actress Asia Argento. She is the same woman that made sexual allegations against Weinstein Harvey. The Hollywood producer denied the allegations.

Bourdain’s death is now the second suspected suicide by high-profile American personality within one week. This is after fashion designer Kate Spade was found murdered in her residential home in New York. The entire French fraternity joined the family of the bereaved to mourn the departed TV presenter.

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