Paris Hostage Situation

Paris Hostage

The French police have managed to rescue about two hostages and made an arrest. They arrested a middle-aged man in the French capital of Paris after the incidence occurred. The authorities said that the terrorist had made a demand to be connected with the Iranian Embassy so that he could deliver a message to the French administration. A dozen of heavily armed officers, rescue workers and firefighters were stationed outside the premise where the two individuals were taken hostage. The rue des Petites Ecuries street was evacuated and cordoned off while negotiations were still underway. The French interior minister later gave a report saying that the two hostages were rescued and freed. The thug was also arrested by law enforcement officers in the event.

The minister said that the hostage-taker had very unclear demands that were also incoherent. The minister continued to say that the negotiator experienced difficulties in understanding the whole hostage situation. According to the police report, there was no indication of any terrorist move. However, sources said that the manmade demands to be put in touch with the Iranian embassy. This was so he could deliver a package of a message to the French government. Another source said that the terrorist had appeared to brandish a fake weapon and had doused two of his hostages in gasoline. The source also reported that the man behind the crime had initially smacked one person, but he managed to escape.

A local media house also reported that a pregnant woman had managed to flee from the scene. The police Union official, Yves Lefebvre, said that the assailant claimed that he had an accomplice right outside the building and that he had a bomb. The police became alert, and they swiftly ran a search on all the cars that were outside the building but found nothing that was suspicious. According to a video released by the police, there was a device for diminishing bombs at the scene. This issue came after France was consistently attacked by the Muslim terror group ISIS. The series of attacks were mind-blowing for the country that led to the loss of many lives.

Just last month, a man who is perceived to be a Muslim shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before he mercilessly took the life of a 29-year-old man. He also injured four people during the incidence that took place in Paris. The man was later shot by the police and died on the spot. The police said that the attack was ISIS connected.

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