Tiny EU Summit Discusses Big Immigration Issues - French News

The European Union's two largest powers met in a small summit to discuss the issues of immigration in an increasingly destabilizing and controversy-ridden EU. With Italy's most recent election, Syrian and other Middle Eastern refugees and migrants coming into the EU have been subject to discussion once again.

Emmanuel Macron's and Angela Merkel had a small meeting discussing precisely how the issue of mass immigration into the European Union would be handled. At the same time, Italy's newly elected prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, has stated that he believes mass migration is a threat to the sovereignty and safety of the European Union.

Macron's approval ratings have meanwhile been sinking as a result of some controversies related to his financial management over his private estates. This may open up to other candidates in the French elections in 2022, depending on domestic affair decisions. Powerhouses in the EU who take in thousands of migrants a year, including France and Germany, have begun paying countries to hold migrants until proper institutions for political asylum may be established in their respective countries. Macron has also suggested that migrants may be placed on closed European soil in preparation for their later integration into France. However, critics have said that this might be an attempt by Macron to satiate anti-migrant agents in French society in order to not lose the 2022 election to right-wing politicians such as Marine Le Pen of The National Front party. This is in the face of Italy piling on pressure for other major European governments to take on more migrants as the populists in the Italian state feel as though they are taking in an unfair number of refugees as opposed to nations such as France, Germany, and Austria. As well as this, the Italian government has criticized Macron directly, referring to him as "arrogant" in the face of the EU migrant crisis and minimizing Italy's issues.

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