Michael Hagele Has Some Advice For First Time Mountain Bike Riders

Michael Hagele is a senior outside counsel for several companies specializing in technology. As a counsel, Michael works with research and development companies and businesses ranging from electronics to the aerospace industry. Accordingly, it is not surprising that Michael is also an accomplished high-speed mountain bike rider. The art of negotiation, combined with an intricate knowledge of marketing strategies and analyzing corporate finances, enables Michael to tackle various difficult tasks with confidence. As a prior manager of legal matters for venture capital businesses, Michael also worked at Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley. Michael received degrees from the University of Iowa and the University of California at Berkeley.

Experienced bicyclists recognize the aggressiveness of high-speed mountain biking. The dangers appeal to people who want to live their lives to the fullest. For those who are unfamiliar with the aggressive high-speed sport, the aggressiveness is on the same par with aerial freestyle skiing. However, some experts do not regard the sport as a dangerous activity. In fact, a few individuals compare high-speed mountain biking to golf and state that the sport is open to beginning bicyclists. Of course, an excellent mountain bike and accessories makes a difference. With the right amount of preparation, along with a positive mindset, many individuals can learn the ropes in a short amount of time. Michael Hagele believes that practice leads to exceptional skills.

Registering for classes at a bike skills camp is an excellent way to learn how to ride a mountain bike. People can find camps located in northern Virginia, the Northeast and California. If a person is unable to attend a camp, the next best option is to join a group of local mountain bike riders. Even one rider who understands how to forecast live trails can help a beginner face challenges.

Michael Hagele's Introduction to Off-Road Mountain Bike Riding

People do not need to live in rural areas to learn how to ride mountain bikes. Numerous metropolitan areas, including Atlanta and Chicago, feature parks designed for mountain bike riding. The parks include maintained tracks for beginners. The tracks are even graded according to various levels of experience. Any beginner can learn how to use a mountain bike on one of the paths designed for beginners. From steering to changing gears, beginners can learn valuable techniques by observing experienced riders.

According to Michael Hagele, off-road biking trails may include both steep inclines and level paths. Every person has the opportunity to experience different types of terrain. For instance, a rider can enjoy scenic views that include fields filled with wildflowers or forests filled with breathtaking hues of green bursting at every turn of the road. Bicyclists need to take precautions because the paths may contain pine needles and damp leaves. Any debris on a path has the potential to cause an unexpected accident. Consequently, a beginner should stick with a familiar path until gaining more experience.

Heavy rain causes mud that may result in the bicycle toppling over. Yet many mountain bike riders do not mind the potential dangers because they are also able to experience nature at its best. With fantastic views of mountains and pristine lakes, riders get to escape from city living in a real and profound way. One of the perks is the chance to take a breather at a rest stop while listening to birds chirping and the soothing, gurgling sounds of a mountain stream.

According to Mr. Hagele, it is important to buy a sturdy mountain bike. Riders who do not have the money to buy quality mountain bikes can rent the equipment until they have the necessary funds. Another option is to buy a discounted rental bike. It is interesting to note that a mountain bike features its own distinct design. People who are used to riding standard bicycles are sure to notice the difference. From a thick frame to wide tires, a mountain bike also features numerous gears.

A beginner should look for a mountain bike featuring disc brakes providing additional power when a quick stop is required. An excellent bike should feature a dual suspension system in both the front and rear parts of the bike to provide optimum shock absorption features. In addition, a quality mountain bike needs to have a hydraulic seat post dropper that enables the rider to make quick pedal adjustments.

Every mountain bike rider needs to wear a helmet that is a perfect fit. A helmet can prevent the rider from incurring a serious injury to the brain. In the shoe department, riders do not need to buy shoes specifically designed for mountain bike riding. A pair of flat athletic shoes works fine as long as the shoes are constructed of sturdy materials. Bikers should ride comfortable, lightweight clothes. When choosing a pair of shorts, nylon material that stretches with the body is preferable to cotton shorts that do not stretch.

According to Michael Hagele, a mountain bike rider needs to wear durable gloves that grip the bicycle's handles and a secure backpack that stays in place while riding the bike. A biker should bring a couple of energy bars or packages of trail mix, a map with details about each trail, a tire pump, spare tubes for tires that may go flat and a small kit filled with everyday tools. Additionally, a rider should always bring natural spring water and carry the bottle on the bike's designated bracket.

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