The French Government has Reported Closing all Newly Opened Cannabis Coffee Shops

Cannabis Coffee Shops

France and the United Kingdom have the strictest laws and regulations on the issue of Cannabis. Despite the rules, long and massive queues have been made in the newly formed coffee shops in France. The coffee shops are the first shops to sell legal cannabis. The shop happened to have popped up in early June. So far, it has been supplying the residents in Paris. The residents have taken full advantage of the newly introduced grey area. The French government clarified that the national law permits the sale of low-THC and high CBD strains of Marijuana.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s the primary psychoactive essential compound that is obtained in Marijuana. CBD stands for cannabidiol. Doctors and researchers believe that CBD functions as a mild antidepressant. It also functions as an antipsychotic. The products that the shops were selling contained only 0.2% of THC. This meant that it had a negligible effect on the mind of the user. Also, the wares that were in the shop were written ‘Don’t smoke.’ This meant that what the newly opened cannabis coffee shops had was just hemp. The French government revealed that it had been wedged on the hop by the swift growth of the business of offering the low dosage marijuana. The health minister, Agnes Buzyn, reported that the shops were posing as a threat to the public health. This is because they were encouraging the use of drugs.

Agnes revealed that the shops were only existing because they had exploited a legal loophole. She promised to close them. She pledged that the government will oversee the closure of all the cannabis businesses within a short period. The health minister vowed that the government would review the legislation and see how they will put the whole issue in order. She reported that it was clear that the 0.2% of the Marijuana dosage that was passed was just vague. According to reports, the Paris Narcotics Brigade sent a request to the investigators to start a preliminary investigation and later verify if the legal conditions that were passed allowing the sale of specific forms of Marijuana were being followed.

In the report, it also included the quotes of Joaquim Lousquy, a 29-year-old businessman behind the Cofyshop. The entrepreneur confirmed that there was a challenge in identifying the low THC strains. Joaquim admitted that their grass had the same smell as the appearance of that of THC. Even the police were not in the position to tell that difference.

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