Top Lipstick Looks For Summer 2018 Featuring LimeCrime

For those who love fashion, summer is a season that brings great versatility, color, and endless opportunities to get dressed up. Whether you’re getting ready for a date night under the stars, a girls’ day in the city, or a weekend away in a mountain town, there are plenty of places to go, friends to see, and ways to incorporate this summer’s top fashion trends.


This summer, we’ve seen unique strappy sandals, calf-length patterned dresses, and layer-upon-layer of delicate necklaces. But another top fashion trend for summer 2018 is all about beauty: colorful and eye-catching lipsticks. Even though wearing lipstick isn’t a new trend, this season we’re seeing a lot of unique colors and textures.


The top three lip trends this summer include glossy neon colors, matte dark shades, and a pop of sparkle to top it all off. If you’re the type that has a go-to gloss that is basic and colorless, it’s time to get a little creative and explore your lipstick color options.


Here are the top lipstick colors for summer 2018, plus how to show them off:

Soft Creamsicle

Orange: It’s the color of tart popsicles, the summer sunset, and your man’s sports jersey. But did you know that orange is one of this season’s top colors? If you commonly see this color in your juice rather than incorporated into your fashion and beauty, it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone and welcome orange into your fashionable life.


Orange is commonly used as a pop of color, whether it’s an orange leather bag or a pair of orange wedge heels. However, orange has recently made its way onto the lips of fashionistas everywhere. Orange brings out the warm tones in your skin, and it can also make you look freshly sun-kissed. This Plushies lip veil in Orange Juice reflects that soft orangesicle cream color that you probably remember from childhood. It brings a bright pop of color to your lips.


How do you wear orange lipstick, you ask? Start by wearing light makeup everywhere else. We suggest a little bronzer with light mascara, which will give the attention to your lips and keep you from going overboard. Orange lipstick can perfectly pair with jeans and a white top, or you wear a denim dress and some strappy, tan leather sandals.

Juicy Nude

If you’re already scared to add bright lipstick to your beauty look, you’ll especially like this next color. Nude is a lipstick shade that you can wear during any season, for any occasion, and whether it’s a day or evening look. It’s also a great option to keep in your handbag in case you want to apply it throughout the day.


Nude lipstick is a favorite among celebrities in Hollywood, as it’s so versatile that it’s a breeze to put on. But the right shade of nude is key. LimeCrime’s Wet Cherry Gloss in Bitter Cherry is a nude color with a slight tint of soft brown. It will add a little color to your lips to smooth them out, along with adding a high-shine gloss.


Since nude is so versatile, you can wear it with practically anything. If you’re going out to a fancy dinner, you can wear it with a little black dress or even a patterned floral number. But you can luckily also wear it with cutoff denim shorts and a breezy top. From dressy to casual-chic, this nude gloss will take both looks to the next level.

Glossy Deep Red

Red is the color of love. But that doesn’t mean you only get to wear it while you’re in love; you can wear red and be in love with how it makes you feel. Red looks good on a sexy and strappy dress, it looks good on a bikini, and it looks good as a classic nail color. However, don’t forget about your lips when you want to add some sultry red to your look.


If you’re assuming that this summer’s red lipstick color is hot red, think again. Even though bright red looks good on your lips during a hot summer day, we recommend going in a much darker direction. This high-shine lip gloss in Black Cherry is perfect for the summer. Why? You’re probably wearing more white, yellow, and other bright colors during the summer, which gives you the chance to balance your look with a dark shade of lipstick. Dark red goes with a lot of colors, so be brave, and don’t just wait until the fall or winter to bring out this fun lip color.

Metallic Mauve

Whether you’re going on an adventure to an outdoor music festival, a late-night bike ride, or backyard barbeque, you have the opportunity to get playful with your look. This includes trying one of YouTube’s braid tutorials, wearing that obnoxious skirt you’ve had hanging in your closet for months, and finally having an excuse to wear that over-the-shoulder handbag that’s shaped like fruit. But don’t forget about your makeup.


For a fun adventure, take your beauty look up a notch. You can wear some neon eyeliner, colorful face highlighter, or fun lipstick. LimeCrime has several lines of colorful beauty products, including its Velvetines Metallic lipstick collection. Go bold with a dark green or psychedelic pink. We also love this metallic pink/purple lip color in Vibe.

Bronzy Brown

You’re probably thinking that brown isn’t a good color for summer. But add a little bronze to it, and it’s a color that you’ll find plenty of occasions and outfits to wear it with. Rather than laying out in the sun for hours to achieve a bronzed look, just add it to your lips.


Whether you pair it with black, white, pink, or red, the Metallic Velvetines in Lana is a color you should add to your lipstick collection ASAP. It has a “liquid metal” finish, it’s longwear, and it goes on with a super silky smooth finish.

Sparkly Kaleidoscope Pink

Speaking of psychedelic pink, there are plenty of occasions to bring out this fun color. The easiest way is to find it in a nail color. You can class it up or down, and you can even wear it to work without looking like you’ve just been to Coachella. But you can also wear it on your lips to bring back your inner 13-year-self who is obsessed with pink.


For a fun date night out, afternoon brunch with friends, or picnic in the park, add a little sparkle. You can achieve this look with the Diamond Crushers lip topper in Strip. And no, you won’t look like you’re ready to dance on a pole. This sparkly hot pink color will go well with a white romper, a black pantsuit, or denim sleeveless dress. You could even wear it with a pair of jeans and cute top. This lip color smells like strawberries and goes on silky smooth.

Earth Tones Red

Feeling one with nature? Earth tones also work well in the summer, because they perfectly pair with sun-kissed skin and positive summer vibes. Some of our favorite earth tones this season include: mustard yellow, salmon, burnt orange, clay brown, and forest green.


You can wear earth tones in a variety of ways. Forest green looks great as an eyeshadow, especially if you have green or brown eyes. A mustard yellow skirt is also a top trend this summer, as well as a salmon-colored floral pattern. You can also participate in the weaved handbag look, which is huge right now.


On your lips, try the Rustic Matte Velvetines color. It’s an earthy red that will go with other earth tones, or you can go basic with a brown leather skirt and white or black top. Pair this look with a smokey eye, light bronzer on your face, and light pink or nude nails.

Classic Hot Pink

Neon colors are always a big hit during the summer. For some reason, a really bright color brings out the sun-kissed color in your skin. But no matter what shade your skin is, neon is perfect for the summer, and you can find it in just about any boutique.


In the beauty world, neon colors are either a hit or miss. If you wear too much neon, say as an eyeshadow, it can tend to cheapen your look. But a pop of neon can make you look trendy and fresh. This super glossy Sour Cherry pink lip color is the perfect way to incorporate neon into your beauty look without going too neon. While LimeCrime is no stranger to controversy, this color should keep you in good spirits.


You can pair your hot pink lips with light makeup for a toned-down look, or you can add a cateye to really stand out. If you’re wearing hot pink lipstick, we suggest not being too matchy-matchy with a pink outfit.

Peachy Nude

Ready for another nude color for summer? If you need a break from bright colors, or if you want to class up your look a bit, nude tones can do the trick. It’s also the most versatile lip color, no matter if you need it for a dressy outfit or everyday basic jeans.


LimeCrime sells a variety of beauty products that are kiss-proof, touch-proof, and last all day. Plushies is a collection of soft and light lip colors, and there are many shades to choose from. We love the Melon Smoothie color, which is nude with peach undertones.


To bring out the subtle peachness of this lip shade, wear a floral pattern that includes a little orange. With a nude lip color like this, you can wear brighter colors in your clothing for that perfect balance.

Rose Petal Pink

If you like the subtleness of a nude lip color but feel like there’s just something missing, you can find it in LimeCrime’s Velvetines Matte Lipstick collection. Matte lipstick is a great way to add some gentle color on your lips while ensuring that it lasts all day and isn’t over the top (although, this collection does offer darker colors, too).


Rose petal pink, which can be found in the Cupid Matte Velvetines color, is a great color for summer. It isn’t obnoxious, but it still has a cool pink color that gives you that extra pop. This color is a great option for a casual day in town. A flowy dress, some wedges, and a shoulder bag can take your look from casual to casual-chic, even if you’re just walking through an art gallery or library.

Magical Magenta

Magenta: It’s a unique color, and it isn’t a color you should wear if you don’t want stand out in a crowd. Magenta screams “confident,” especially if you know how to wear it correctly. A magenta dress for an outdoor wedding will challenge every eligible guest to ask you for the first dance. To wear magenta in a quieter way, find a magenta handbag that can be worn with a casual look, such as a pair of jeans and a white button-down top.


You can wear magenta eyeshadow, but you have to do it sparingly. Instead, we recommend wearing it on your lips. It’s loud, but it also clarifies that you know what’s up in fashion. The Plushies Dragon Fruit lip color will last for hours, whether you’re going to a wedding, a dance party, or lunch on a rooftop. You can wear it with neutral colors like black, beige, white, or gray, or you can add a little pink or lavender if you want some extra color.

Red Hot Red

If you’re not into dark red for summer but still want that sexiness of red, we’ll allow red hot to be included in this list. We agree that you can’t go wrong with bright red, as long as you wear it right. LimeCrime recently released its Wet Cherry Gloss collection, which has about 15 shades of playful, glossy, and longwear lip colors.


The Maraschino Cherry shade is hot, hot, hot, and the gloss will set your beauty look apart from everyone else’s. Go bold by pairing this lip color with a red dress, or tone down your look with a dainty floral number. Red lipstick also goes well with a casual look, such as black jeans and a cropped band t-shirt.

Sparkly Pink

Going to a fun summer concert or romantic date in the city? You should add a little sparkle, and no, we’re not talking about a tutu like you wore during your dress-up days. Women who love sparkle can find a sequin top that will take them back while also ensuring they look grown-up. Or you can go all out with a sequin dress, but you should have a fancy party to go to if you want to rock that much pizazz.


To delicately wear sparkle, add it to your lips with this iridescent pink Juicy Cherry gloss. It’s light pink, sparkly, and scented. You can easily wear it while rocking some gym clothes, or you can wear it on a night out.

Matte Plum

Chances are that you’ll have some party or event this summer that welcomes a dramatic look. When that time comes, be ready to unleash the drama. There are a few ways to pull off this look. You can wear a simple black dress with some super tall, super strappy heels. Or you could wear something floor-length with a high slit. But to amp up your beauty look, add some drama to your lips.


For this look, start with a thin layer of eyeliner. No need for a cateye. Curl your lashes, and add a touch of mascara. Finish your look with the Velvetines Matte Lipstick in Scandal. It’s a dark purple color that won’t smudge, so you won’t have to worry about it throughout the evening. This is a unique color that looks good on just about everyone, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Rose Gold

If there’s one color that you can find pretty much everywhere these days, it’s rose gold. There are rose gold vases for the home. Rose gold jewelry has recently become increasingly popular. And even rose gold makeup is a thing.


If you’re as obsessed with rose gold as we are, try the Diamond Crushers rose gold gloss in Lit. It’s a well-balanced combination of pink and gold, and you can wear it with practically anything. It’s a romantic lip color that will look good with jeans and a cute top, as well as a maxi dress for a fun event.

Glossy Orange

Since orange is this season’s top color, we couldn’t complete this list without including one more orange lip color. This time, our pick is LimeCrime’s glossy orange in Tangy Cherry, which is bold, bright, and scented. If you’re unsure of how to wear this color, you have a couple options.


First, go obvious with a white maxi dress. This will balance your look, and you can easily get away with this bright lip color whether you’re running errands or going to a birthday party. For a flirty look, wear this orange lip color with a fun zig-zag or floral pattern.

Be sure to follow where LimeCrime goes from here, as their recent change in ownership is sure to bring exciting new products.
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