Places to Visit in France

Visit in France

In France, there are some attractive scenarios one can visit. In every year, the attractions upsurge in numbers. Below are some of the attractions in detail. Mercantour National Park is among the top-notch tourist attractions in France. It is a protected area in the Alps in south eastern part of the French republic. It is full of nature lovers and historical sites. One can learn a lot from the sites. The park has a wide variety of bird species, plants. It is a mark of French biodiversity that the Mercantour National Park portrays. The park attracts hikers who go up the route to see alpine lakes, valleys, and villages.

With the historical niche of the area, one can walk on ancient salt routes and see a massive number of open-air petroglyphs found in Europe. Another place to visit is the city of Metz. This is a town that is located near the junction of Germany, France, and Luxemburg. It has a history of close to 3,000 years since it was founded. It was within the Roman Empire in a main city of Gaul. The Saint Stephen's Cathedral is a perfect example of the Gothic architecture that dates from the 13th century. It is said to be the most significant stretch of stained windows made of glass on earth. Also, the branch carry's Europe's largest pool of twentieth and twenty-first-century arts and artefacts.

Another attraction is the Normandy landing beaches. In Northern France, there are beaches that had the largest amphibious invasion in the history of mankind. The landings on June 6, 1944, were part of a greater Operation Overlord. It was to free Europe from years of military occupation by German soldiers. The beaches include Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword Beach. As one strolls about in alongside the beach. It is clear show of the history as the beach overlooks a vast area of cemeteries. The Camargue is the next tourist attraction.

It is between the split estuaries in the River Rhone in Southern France which happens to be Europe largest river delta. The area is approximately 20,000 hectares, and it includes the Camargue Reserve. The reserve is a habitat for birds together with seven species that only nested in France. The most spectacular flamingos and other migratory birds reside in the area. The Camargue is home to over 200,000 ducks during the winter. The Basilica of Saint-Denis that is situated in the northern suburb of Paris is also very magnificent. It was one of the churches with the earliest form of old expressions.

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