The French Prime Minister unveils new anti-terror plan

Anti-Terror Plan

The French Premiere Edouard Philippe said that there would be 32 new control measures on Friday last week. It was to indicate the latest effort by the French government to eliminate violence of Muslim extremists in the country. It was after three years that the state had experienced numerous deadly attacks. The plan included the formation of a brand new terrorism prosecutor’s office. It was also to concentrate leadership to counter terrorism activities. It was to be made possible by DGSI, the Domestic Intelligence Agency. Furthermore, it also calls for a different unit to monitor terrorist activities in the country and globally. It was also required to radicalize inmates and enable people to know what pushes extremists to do violent acts.

Currently, terrorist are no longer locked up in Syrian jails. The French Prime Minister Edouard pointed out the claim. He made that claim when he was unveiling the new plan on Friday. The presentation was at the Domestic Intelligence Agency headquarters in Levallois-Perret. Levallois-Perret is a suburb in the western side of Paris. The brand new face that terrorists are currently wearing as pointed out by Philippe, included “petty criminals, the mentally fragile, indoctrinated or self-radicalized.” He went on noting that the threat had evolved. As a result, the people of France needed to adapt themselves to a constantly changing enemy.

More than 200 individuals have lost their lives due to extremist attacks in France in the recent past. Bastille Day celebrations are occurring this weekend. As a result, security is expected to be tight. Additionally, the festivities come a day before the finals of World Cup 2018. It will take place in the city of Moscow in Russia. The final’s match is between France and Croatia. Its occurrence is expected to draw thousands of individuals to the streets of the French capital and many other French cities.

Generally, all these were evident in a tweet made earlier by France 24. It is among the stations of the state. The tweet pointed out that the country was beefing up its counter-terrorism powers. In addition, it also recognised the creation of new institutional bodies. They were meant to radicalize inmates and better point out extremists. By doing it, the state would be able to identify the dangers that might possibly happen leading to violence. The information was taken positively by the French citizens. French citizens are required to abide by any stipulations that may be made. The steps taken is just but a few among the many significant steps the state is considering to take in the future.

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